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KAZE Concert

Title: KAZE Concert
Pairing: Tennen (Ohno/Aiba), Sakurai/Ninomiya/Matsumoto (bandmates)
Rating: Fluff
Warnings: NO Beta. English is not my first language. Be happy to find the mistakes!
Summary: Idol group KAZE make a concert on Aibas Birthday. Can he go and why is Ohno working so much?
Notes: This is my first fic I wrote. I started with it at the beginning of the AYH tour and didn´t end it until today. It is for the nice girls of my LINE group and because the world needs more fluffy Tennen! Please comment <3

A loud scream halls through the apartment. Ohno, who is painting a new picture, stop in his doing. He didn´t know what's happen so he rush to their living room. There was Aiba. Jumping up and down and screams.

„Are you ok? What happens?“ Ohno ask his roommate.

„They will make a special tour day. On my birthday“ Aiba answers and point at his laptop. „I´ve got a Email from the KAZE-Fanclub. Please Satoshi, wish me luck for the ballot.“

„You are crazy, you know. Fanboying about this three guys. But I will pray for you, Masaki“

„Thank you! I hope I will hit some tickets, so I can meet up with some girls of my LINE groups. And don't forget, it´s on my birthday. That would be the best present ever.“

Ohno don´t know why, but the imaging of Aiba with girls he dislike.

Three years ago, both of them did met at a friends party. Aiba, who works at a Chinese restaurant complaint about the high apartment prices. Ohno, who works part time at a store, didn't have enough money to live on his own. So both decided to share a comfortable, small Apartment near their works. The first time it was confusing because it was all new but with time both become good friends. For Ohno it is sometimes more than only friends. But he doesn't want to lose his friend because of his feelings, so he doesn't say anything to him.

The days flies away. Ohno is ready with his painting and now he needs the help of Aiba.

“Aiba, can you put this drawing on this thing, this online auction house. I want to have a little bit more money for our onsentrip in january”

“You really want to make money of it? Its beautiful. It looks like the kaze kanji. Can I have it instead?”

“Come on Masaki, I need the money. Don't you want to go with me on this trip?” Ohno is grumbling.

Aiba opens, with a wide smile, the side of the auctions house. He clicks on different buttons, write something under the picture of the drawing and says: “I want to go with you. What are you talking. I´m so happy to go with you there. So, your drawing is on auction. Let´s wait some days and it will be selling really good. I know it.”

He didn't close his Laptop because he is now looking through his Emails. “Some of the girls of LINE get a hit. I´m so jealous. Now pray again for me Satoshi. I will check my result.”

After open an Email, Aibas smile was gone.

“What happened Masaki. Did you hit?”

“No” he whined. “I didn´t hit.”

Ohno didn't know what to say. He only take Aiba in his arms and hugs him. The rest of the day Aiba was in a whiny mood.

Again the days passes. Ohno takes a second part time job to earn more money. He needs a lot of, because he will make a romantic onsen trip. He will make it special for his roommate. First that Aiba can forget the missing concert and second to tell him his feelings.

So every day Ohno has to work. Only on his birthday he takes a free day.

“Satoshi, are you awake? You sleep the whole day. It´s your birthday. Let´s make some party.” Both went to the living room.

“Oh my god. What happened here? Masaki it is wonderful” The whole room was decorated with birthday letters, a big cake with candles was on the table and a good smelling food beside them.

“Happy birthday Satoshi!” Aiba was singing and hug his friend. “Let´s blow your candle and eat something. And then we will watching your favorite movie on TV”

“Thanks Masaki” Ohno replies shy “but isn't today the KAZE-SP show?”

“Ahh, no its ok. Today is your birthday, so you can say what we shall watch. And I will get also a link from my girls to watch it later”

Ohno takes some minutes to think about it “So we will watch KAZE. After eating” he declare and Aibas smiles goes brighter.

The dinner was delicious chinese food. Aiba brought it from his work. After dishwashing both went to the couch and turns the TV on.

“Come on birthday kid, snuggle to me. I know you like it.” Aiba opened his arms while he starts to tell about Sakurai, Matsumoto and Ninomiya, the three mans on the show. For Ohno it was a wonderful day.

Ohno was still working and now it´s Christmas, Aibas birthday and the concert day.

“No, the LINE girls are talking about the concert today. Why I can't go” Aiba whined on the breakfast.

“You can go, Masaki” Ohno gives Aiba a envelope “Happy Birthday Masaki”

“Ah, why, how did you get a ticket?” Aiba ask in surprise “Did you do all this extra shifts for my present” he looked dumb folded on the ticket in his hands. “but it is only one. What is with you?”

“A nice customer of me sells it. And yes I do my second job for your present. And I have to go today too. So I can't join you in the concert. But now finish your breakfast and go to meet some of your girls. Let this day get one of your best days.”

Ohno doesn´t tell Aiba, that he can't go anymore to the onsen. The ticket was really expensive, but the smile of Aiba is what Ohno want to see.

“Now I have to go to work. See you Masaki and have fun”

On the evening Ohno comes home in a empty apartment. Aiba was still at the concert or makes parties with the girls. A thought he don´t like so he turns the tv on and start to draw a new painting. Something to do and not to think how he should tell Aiba that the Onsen trip is canceled for him. His eyes goes heavy and he fell into sleep, his head resting on the fresh painting. On the next morning he wakes up on the couch. Blinking and desorientiert he looks around and find a cubus next to him. A merchandise of the actual concert tour of KAZE where you can put a message into it and always show up when you touch it. So Aiba is already at home, Ohno concludes. He sits up, rubbing over his face, look at the cube and stand up to prepare a little bit food. On the wash sink he see color on his hands. He headed to the bathroom and found his face full of his painting in the mirror.

“Good morning Satoshi. Nice color you have there” Aiba, standing in the doorframe point on Ohno´s nose “That is a bad habit of you to fall asleep on your fresh painting” he say while he enters the bathroom and starts to undress himself. “I will take a shower. Want to join Satoshi?” Aiba ask with a smirk. “Hm, no. I will make some food for us and then you have to tell me about your concert experience.” Ohno answered while his face was clean but red. This time it was no painting color.

Later, while eating, Ohno tries to start a talk about the onsentrip “Masaki… hm.. how should I say… hm... “ “Come on Satoshi, spill it out or we will sit here longer with a lot of your hms.” Aiba replied happy. “It isn't easy to say Masaki. It is about our planned onsentrip. I.. ´”he begins to stutter and stops to speak. “You? Tell me Satoshi. I promise I won't be angry” Aiba tries to help his friend.

“I can´t go.” Ohno finally says. An awkward silence starts to fill the room. “Why? You work so many and now you don't want to go? Is it my fault?”

“No Masaki” Ohno shout out “It isn't your fault. It´s my own. I don't have enough money for it. I´m so sorry” tears starts to blurry his sight. “I really want to go with you. I already found a nice Onsen where we can have a enjoyable weekend,” and it is a romantic onsen also Ohno thought bitter “but I spend too much money this christmas. I´m really sorry”

“But what is about the money of your Kaze kanji auction?” Aiba answered while Ohno looking puzzled. “My auction?”

“Satoshi you forgot your auction? It was sold really high! Come on, I will show you” Aiba takes Ohno by his hand and drags him to his room. He opens his Laptop and show him the auction side. “See, some guy named Keioboy bought it. I already send the painting to him. You was so in work, I didn't want to bother you. So can we go to the trip or is something others that you don't want to go with me” Aiba ask with a sad tone.

Ohno stares at the amount of Yens his painting made. “Oh holy… so many. Now we can go” He looks happy at Aiba and then he realize the last sentence. “Why you think I don't want to go with you? I would be mega happy to go with you. You are also the only one I want to make the trip.” “Really? It is because you didn't say something about the cube message. You know,” now Aibas cheeks turns red avoiding Ohno´s eyes “I really like you. More than only friends. I didn't have the guts so I tried it with the cube to tell you”

Instead of an answer Aiba feels Ohno´s lips on his.

Weeks later the girls of Aibas KAZE LINE groups talks about the new painting which Sakurai bought for his bandmates. A painting with the Kaze kanji.

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Ohno Satoshi

Ohno is hot!

This year starts wonderful.
I can't get enough of him. He trained a lot of for his Ninja movie and it looks like he didn't stop with training.
Please AnAn, make a naked (or half) photoshoot with Ohno. begs

Ohno Erdbeer

End of year babbling

The year is in the end days and I only want to talk.
This year was full for me of Arashi moments. Arashi direct or fandom. It happend a lot.
At the beginning i was really new and in my own bubble. I found a lot of things in internet. It was nice to look at google news and also some internet sides for informations. New and old. But I didn´t have anybody to talk about. So I took slowly my time to get into Arashi, buy my first concert DVD (Digitalian) and watch some dramas.
Japan in May. It was wonderful. I found in tokyo everywhere Arashi and was happy for it. Also I could watch 99.9 and Sekeimuzu on TV and Musicstation with Daylight. I was really really happy. And the best, I bought the Daylight/ I seek CD on first day. It is really fantastic to buy direct and not order trough internet.
My Arashi year goes on. In June/July I did my first big step out of my bubble. Yeah you see, I need a long time. I got a LJ account and with this I found people for LINE. My view to Arashi got bigger. REALLY big. Now i got everyday a lot of informations, not only Arashi also of things from the other side of this planet.
In August I also took my next step. I got into contact with some on Facebook. Not only to leave some comments under some hot, nice and beauteful Arashi pics. This time I made a whole conservation. I´m so proud of me and so sorry for the others. But now also my confusion begins. Because on Facebook I can talk in german and all others, I talk in english. Denglish is born.
Doesn´t matter. Arashi love don´t need any language. Pics are enough :-)
Next trip to Japan was on Arashi side not to much. Kyoto and Osaka don´t have enough commercial of them like Tokyo. But I managed it again to buy their CD AYH on release date. YEAH.
The only sad thing, I didn´t manage it to go to a concert. I was to late in Japan (May) or leave Japan to early (Begin November). So I hope next year will be better *pray for waku waku in june*
But I´m really happy to know the boys and YOU!

And here some small rankings.

Personal Arashi member ranking - Begin and end of year
Ohno - Sakurai - Ninomiya - Aiba - Matsumoto     -----     Ohno - Aiba - Sakurai - Ninomiya/Matsumoto

1. Mata kyo to onaji ashita ga kuru  - Ninomyia
2. Bad Boy - Ohno
3. Hana - Arashi
4. Silent - Disturbia
5. Miles Away - Arashi

You see. Normaly nothing is better for me than Ohno (yes I´m total bias) but Nino made it. I always sing it (loud and false) when I hear Ninos song. Can´t get enough.

What I hope for 2017
To make a lot of meet ups. I want to know you guys. Internet isn´t enough for me. Blast in Paris, Sydney and also Tokyo are waiting.
I can go to a Arashi event. I hope more for a Concert than waku waku. But better than nothing.
Join FC - I´m such a daydreamer

With this I wish you all a wonderful good jump into 2017.
Kiss kiss
your Arka
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Ohno Erdbeer

Maou and the countdown to japan - Personal

The days flies and now I startet to rewatch Maou. Ok, I want to do it next month - Ohno month. But to get all these hottie pics on LINE makes me suffer.
It was again really good. From the music I get goosebumb again. Truth is really a truth. The choral could it be german? I don´t know but thought i would something understand. These high notes makes it difficult >.<
Ohno makes Naruse to a sexgod nice laywer. How can an chubby, cute and moonface make such a devil. But we all know he has a lot of talents. Could we get please a new badass Rida drama/film?
Toma make his role ok. He is such a great actor in other dramas but I think in Maou he didn´t do his best side. Perhaps he want to help that Ohno is the big star. But I have to thank Toma. Because of him I found the first time Maou. December last year (lol) I blame Toma for my arashi fangirl life!
The end I don´t understand. Why Toma dies before Ohno dies. Try it, let you stab and run a long long way trough tokyo. No, that is really fiction. You will die before you enter the scene!
I like the girl. forget her name. She could be so happy with Naruse but the man don´t want. He want cry. A lot. And the girl is good. Wants to help, wants to be his angel. So sweet! And a good actor!
If you didn´t see it, watch it, feel it and you will know, why this drama brought me to these fandom and Ohno becomes my ichiban

Countdown to japan
7 Days, only 7 days and i fly to my rainbowland. Hope it will get a blast for me.
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Ohno Satoshi

A new Arashian says hello

Hello World, hello livejournal, hello you

I'm Arka and I'm on the search for other like me.
Somebody who thinks Aiba is a Discostar or Sakurai is sexy in anan or Matsumoto is a diva or Ninomiya is a brat or Ohno a sweet leader.
Somebody who likes Arashi. I'm happy that I found these five idols. Now they are my Happy Drug.
What I like on livejournal: I can read a lots of fanfics, talk to other and be a part of a big Group.
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