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European Arashian Meet up 2018

Here are some more informations:

How the 27. January is planned:

~11:00 am meet up at main train station dusseldorf
~visit of the "japanese" street of dusseldorf. There are some japanese shops and a bakery
~lunch at a japanese restaurant
~visit eko house (http://www.eko-haus.de/)

For the restaurant I would like to make a reservation. So please let me know it here in comments or on Twitter (@arkalein) if you take part.
Please also let me know if you would stay overnight (one or two nights). I will try to get shared rooms in a nice hotel/hostel. I also will stay.  Send me the information until 1. December.Thank you!

I'm really looking forward to it. 💙💝💚💛💜
Don't forget, it is the weekend after Sho Birthday!

Now make your comment or read here a little bit talk of meCollapse )

Ohno Erdbeer

An unexpected dinner

Title: An unexpected dinner
Pairing: Sakurai/Satoko
Genre: Smut
Rating: NC-17
Length: 750 words
Summary: Satoko comes home only to find her boyfriend Sho standing with crossed armes at the entry.
Beta: samiraisfan Thank you <3

After a long workday, Satoko comes home to her shared apartment.Collapse )
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Ohno stuhl

KAZE Concert

Title: KAZE Concert
Pairing: Tennen (Ohno/Aiba), Sakurai/Ninomiya/Matsumoto (bandmates)
Rating: Fluff
Warnings: NO Beta. English is not my first language. Be happy to find the mistakes!
Summary: Idol group KAZE make a concert on Aibas Birthday. Can he go and why is Ohno working so much?
Notes: This is my first fic I wrote. I started with it at the beginning of the AYH tour and didn´t end it until today. It is for the nice girls of my LINE group and because the world needs more fluffy Tennen! Please comment <3

A loud scream hall through the apartment.Collapse )

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Ohno Satoshi

Ohno is hot!

This year starts wonderful.
I can't get enough of him. He trained a lot of for his Ninja movie and it looks like he didn't stop with training.
Please AnAn, make a naked (or half) photoshoot with Ohno. begs

Ohno Erdbeer

End of year babbling

The year is in the end days and I only want to talk.
This year was full for me of Arashi moments. Arashi direct or fandom. It happend a lot.
At the beginning i was really new and in my own bubble. I found a lot of things in internet. It was nice to look at google news and also some internet sides for informations. New and old. But I didn´t have anybody to talk about. So I took slowly my time to get into Arashi, buy my first concert DVD (Digitalian) and watch some dramas.
Japan in May. It was wonderful. I found in tokyo everywhere Arashi and was happy for it. Also I could watch 99.9 and Sekeimuzu on TV and Musicstation with Daylight. I was really really happy. And the best, I bought the Daylight/ I seek CD on first day. It is really fantastic to buy direct and not order trough internet.
My Arashi year goes on. In June/July I did my first big step out of my bubble. Yeah you see, I need a long time. I got a LJ account and with this I found people for LINE. My view to Arashi got bigger. REALLY big. Now i got everyday a lot of informations, not only Arashi also of things from the other side of this planet.
In August I also took my next step. I got into contact with some on Facebook. Not only to leave some comments under some hot, nice and beauteful Arashi pics. This time I made a whole conservation. I´m so proud of me and so sorry for the others. But now also my confusion begins. Because on Facebook I can talk in german and all others, I talk in english. Denglish is born.
Doesn´t matter. Arashi love don´t need any language. Pics are enough :-)
Next trip to Japan was on Arashi side not to much. Kyoto and Osaka don´t have enough commercial of them like Tokyo. But I managed it again to buy their CD AYH on release date. YEAH.
The only sad thing, I didn´t manage it to go to a concert. I was to late in Japan (May) or leave Japan to early (Begin November). So I hope next year will be better *pray for waku waku in june*
But I´m really happy to know the boys and YOU!

And here some small rankings.

Personal Arashi member ranking - Begin and end of year
Ohno - Sakurai - Ninomiya - Aiba - Matsumoto     -----     Ohno - Aiba - Sakurai - Ninomiya/Matsumoto

1. Mata kyo to onaji ashita ga kuru  - Ninomyia
2. Bad Boy - Ohno
3. Hana - Arashi
4. Silent - Disturbia
5. Miles Away - Arashi

You see. Normaly nothing is better for me than Ohno (yes I´m total bias) but Nino made it. I always sing it (loud and false) when I hear Ninos song. Can´t get enough.

What I hope for 2017
To make a lot of meet ups. I want to know you guys. Internet isn´t enough for me. Blast in Paris, Sydney and also Tokyo are waiting.
I can go to a Arashi event. I hope more for a Concert than waku waku. But better than nothing.
Join FC - I´m such a daydreamer

With this I wish you all a wonderful good jump into 2017.
Kiss kiss
your Arka
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Maou and the countdown to japan - Personal

The days flies and now I startet to rewatch Maou. Ok, I want to do it next month - Ohno month. But to get all these hottie pics on LINE makes me suffer.
It was again really good. From the music I get goosebumb again. Truth is really a truth. The choral could it be german? I don´t know but thought i would something understand. These high notes makes it difficult >.<
Ohno makes Naruse to a sexgod nice laywer. How can an chubby, cute and moonface make such a devil. But we all know he has a lot of talents. Could we get please a new badass Rida drama/film?
Toma make his role ok. He is such a great actor in other dramas but I think in Maou he didn´t do his best side. Perhaps he want to help that Ohno is the big star. But I have to thank Toma. Because of him I found the first time Maou. December last year (lol) I blame Toma for my arashi fangirl life!
The end I don´t understand. Why Toma dies before Ohno dies. Try it, let you stab and run a long long way trough tokyo. No, that is really fiction. You will die before you enter the scene!
I like the girl. forget her name. She could be so happy with Naruse but the man don´t want. He want cry. A lot. And the girl is good. Wants to help, wants to be his angel. So sweet! And a good actor!
If you didn´t see it, watch it, feel it and you will know, why this drama brought me to these fandom and Ohno becomes my ichiban

Countdown to japan
7 Days, only 7 days and i fly to my rainbowland. Hope it will get a blast for me.
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Ohno Satoshi

A new Arashian says hello

Hello World, hello livejournal, hello you

I'm Arka and I'm on the search for other like me.
Somebody who thinks Aiba is a Discostar or Sakurai is sexy in anan or Matsumoto is a diva or Ninomiya is a brat or Ohno a sweet leader.
Somebody who likes Arashi. I'm happy that I found these five idols. Now they are my Happy Drug.
What I like on livejournal: I can read a lots of fanfics, talk to other and be a part of a big Group.
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